Color me purple

It is 4:41PM Thursday October 9th 2008. I am fighting against the urge to fly into a panic. I’m worried about my money situation. I’ve made $0.20 cents today. I still have past due bills and bills coming up due. I have yet to figure out how to turn my business around. Some people suggest that after a year of being unable to turn things around it’s time to call my business the failure that it is; but I can’t do that. I have to keep going even though it’s pitch black and I can’t see a thing and have no clue if I’m even on planet earth.

Here are some pictures of Michael Paul prints I’ve just viewed on to try to distract myself from my urge to panic over the state of my finances.

Image titles:

  • Romantic Floral Decoration and Champagne Glasses
  • Red Tulips in Small Vase Beside Place Setting
  • Purple Anemones in a Vase
  • Silver Cutlery in a Wire Basket
  • Sugared Almonds to Give as a Gift
  • Tea with Rosebuds in Romantic Cup

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