Curb that jealousy

Some women just seem to have it all don’t they? They don’t just get a slice of the pie, the entire thing is served to them on a platter, with more pies brought in before they can even lick their finger from eating a thin slice of the first. It can make it hard not to hate them knowing how hard you’re struggling to get even a crumb from the crust of one pie.

Hating these women who appear to have it all is pointless. No one ever said life was fair. Some people get everything. Some people get  nothing. All your hatred and jealousy and evil wishes towards them will never take away from these women what they have. The best you can do is focus on yourself and try to go after  what you want in life. If you spend more time in the pursuit of your own dreams and less time looking at other people who have fulfilled theirs you might end up where you obviously want to be, which is where they are.

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