Dear Tinsley Mortimer, I hear you might be getting divorced

Is this true Tinsley? Are you and Topper heading for splitsville? It would explain why your eyes have been looking so sad. What happened? Did you just get bored with Topper? He does look kind of boring; and for a sleek hot babe like yourself a boring looking husband is definitely not a good thing, even if he is a member of one of New York’s oldest money families.

By the way Tinz I read today that you don’t come from money yourself. I hear you’re the daughter of a discount rug merchant. I’m sure your daddy made enough money to afford a decent living for you and your sisters; but you know how it is; a discount rug salesman isn’t exactly Nelson Rockefeller and if you don’t come from major money you don’t get much respect out there.

It seems you’re doing pretty well for yourself on the New York social circuit so I can’t feel too sorry for you that you weren’t born into a more prestigious family. Your daddy was obviously doing well enough that you were able to hobnob with your betters and eventually become one of them; but what about these divorce rumors? Are you really going to be splitting up Tinsley and Topper? Just the names alone suggest a match made in heaven. What happened? Did he cheat or did you? Write me and tell me all about it. I might have some useful advise to share.

Images: Notes On A Party via Flickr | Gen Art via Flickr

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