Decorating Restaurant Table Linens for a Special Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting activities a couple can do together.  Sure, wedding planners abound, but during these though times, the practical ones always get ahead. Besides, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a couple doing things together, from choosing the wedding date and place to deciding how to decorate and personalize restaurant table linens.  Couples today can now have a wide range of choices of motifs for their wedding, and they can choose any décor they wish, because every wedding is a couple’s own story to tell.

The most classic table settings are the ones that exude elegance and bring out the romantic aura of the wondrous occasion. Silk flowers are a great alternative to the more expensive real flowers. They look real, but only cost a fraction of real flowers’ price. A floating candle can be set in the middle of a round table for a romantic candlelit dinner effect, sure to get your quests swooning. Adorn the setting with lilies or lilacs, any flower that makes the candle more wonderful to look at.

Guests to the wedding will have keepsakes of the momentous occasion when everything they touch will remind them of you and your love for one another. Personalized matchbooks are great additions to the table. You get to choose the color of the book, and even design your own match. And the best part is, since you will be having these matchbooks in bulk, you can score great discounts.

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