Depressed no money

Dear Diary, I am feeling a bit depressed about my money situation. I’m getting really tired of not being financially secure in life. I’ve realized that my money problems are largely responsible for the depressed state in which I’ve been living for years now. I’ve been feeling worthless because I don’t have money and have consequently been living at the level of poverty with people who I don’t regard to be better than me in any way having the ability to look down on me by virtue of living on a higher rung on the ladder of success.

I know I should not be concerning myself with how other people regard me, whether they think they are better than I am or what, but it does cause me an extreme amount of frustration knowing that, until I get enough money to climb to a higher rung on the ladder, these people will always be able to look down on me and will always have reason to believe they are better. And it isn’t just the money factor either. It’s everything else that comes with being at the very bottom and struggling with your self-worth because of it.

When you’re at the bottom, you choose the people and things you’ll surround yourself with from the same rung you occupy. The bottom.

But I’m feeling sorry for myself and that is not going to help me in any way. I need money. I work hard and I deserve to have the money to show for it. I’ve had enough of this working 500 hours per month for $500 if I’m lucky. Enough!

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