You could always get a job

A girl working in a Soviet factoryIf you go out complaining to people about working 17 hours per day 7 days per week but making no money because you’re working for yourself and can’t seem to turn your effort into the money desired they aren’t going to take any pity on you unless they are in the same boat. No one will be able to understand why you would choose to work 17 hours per day 7 days per week for nothing. And they will dismiss your complaints and tell you, often rather derisively, that you need to get a job.

There’s really no art to getting money. If you want money there’s always a way to get it. There’s always someone looking to pay somebody to do something. But for some of us, the idea of going to work for someone else is so intolerable that we would give serious thought to killing ourselves before we give serious thought to getting a job.

Some people equate a lack of desire to “get a job” with a lack of ambition. Some people just aren’t wired to be employees. Not all people who don’t have jobs are people who don’t want to work because they’re lazy and want to sit around at home watching television all day. Some people simply don’t want to work to help other people achieve their dreams of business success. They prefer to get up in the morning and put their time and effort towards the pursuit of their own dreams of business success.

If you are working hard for yourself but not making money and the people in your life are getting frustrated with you and insisting you need to go get a job, take heart that there are people who do understand and share your conviction that you should not be getting up every day of your life to go out and work to make it possible for someone else to live the life you dream of living but can never live as long as all you ever are is an employee being paid what someone else decides your time and energy are worth.

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