Eau de Rich Bitch – forget about celebrities and their fragrances – make your own perfume – become a rich woman

Jessica Simpson has recently launched a new fragrance. You and I will not be going out and spending money we don’t have on Jessica Simpson’s perfume, but that won’t prove to be much of a loss for Jessica. She knows countless other women will buy her perfume and contribute to her becoming an even richer woman than she is already.

Here’s an idea: why don’t you make your own perfume and once you have the product, make a big to-do about the launch. Get media attention. Make waves to draw attention to the yourself. Talk about how appalling it is that so many women just sit back and watch while celebrities take off to the sky; how too many women pay money to watch the movies that make these famous women rich, buy their CDs, buy their clothes and their perfumes and shower them with attention and riches while they themselves are miserable, hate their life and wish they had even half the fortune of the women they glorify.

People are going to call you jealous among other things but just ignore all that and keep your eye on the ball. The idea is to get the attention, get the publicity and use it to sell your perfume.

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