Engineered Wood Flooring 101

Wood floors are a gorgeous addition to any home. It gives an elegant and cozy finish to a room. However, installing hardwood floors can be a tedious process. Not all homeowners have the luxury of time for something like this. Not to mention that it would cost a bundle to have this done professionally. This is where floating engineered wood flooring can come in handy. Engineered wood floors are an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

These flooring alternatives are made from real wood, unlike the common laminate. Made with layers of plywood in between and a wood finish on the top and bottom, you get a solid floor. When it comes to installation, there is no need for any nails or adhesives. Putting a floor together is done by just “clicking” pieces together. The different lengths that engineered flooring comes in make it simple to fill out any floor area with little or no need for cutting. This flooring option eliminates any mess or complicated carpentry work. A wide variety of wood types can be found including birch, hickory, red oak, and even maple wood flooring.

There are a number of engineered wood flooring manufacturers in the market today. Many of these offer high quality flooring for a very affordable price. The next time that you want to change your floors, don’t go through the hassle of renovations and give your bank account a break. Get some floating wood flooring and give your home, office, or store an instant make-over.

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