Revisiting Etoro

Just a short update about Etoro. I had discovered last week that Etoro does not allow people from the US to sign up for accounts so I was forced to use a more traditional trading platform for my practice trading sessions; and I have to admit that being forced to learn more about forex trading is not necessarily a bad thing. I still believe that anytime someone tries to simplify something that is generally made complicated and consequently inaccessible to average people it is a good thing, so I credit the creators of the Etoro platform for setting out to make forex trading accessible to people with less technical brains. That being said, I would have to say that it’s probably not a good idea to present forex trading in a manner that suggests it’s a fun game, considering the risks involved. Approaching it with a fun and games mentality encourages users of the platform to treat forex trading like it is indeed a game of chance.

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