Eva Mendes is proof that it’s not always necessary to be a smart woman to get to the top

Sometimes just your pretty face and your hot body can be enough to get you to the top. Ask Eva Mendes.

Recent quote from Eva Mendes:

“If I wasn’t an actress, I’d be an interior designer. I’m not smart enough to be an architect. We’re starting off with bedding and we’re seeing how the public responds to it. … I love sleeping. … I’m Cuban; we love to sleep.”

Doesn’t exactly sound like Mensa will be actively recruiting her any time soon does it? Almost sounds as if Eva is suggesting it doesn’t take any brain to be an actress or an interior designer.

Maybe one doesn’t necessarily need smarts so much as talent to become a successful actress or a successful interior designer, but it’s still not wise to go around making statements implying that certain careers are for women who lack brains.

The quote was Eva’s response to questions about the new line of bed linens she’s launching.

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