Fasting Day 4

V8 V-Fusion LightI survived day 3 of my fast. I had 2 cups of tea to drink and nothing else. How do I feel this morning? I’m not sure…. I’m not terribly hungry. I feel like I can go another day or two. Weight wise I haven’t lost more than a pound it doesn’t look like. That tells me I was/am fatter than I realized.

Once upon a time there would be a noticeable difference after 1 day of not eating. Now, after 3 days of not eating there’s no real significantly noticeable difference; but then again, according to my son, husband and former therapist, I have a warped view of my body and see myself bigger than other people see me. Personally I don’t believe that’s the case. I think I see myself skinnier than I am in reality, not fatter.

In any case, I have gone a total of 80 hours thereabout without eating any solid foods and drinking only 6 cups of tea. Yesterday I drank lemon tea with ginger. The day before green tea with ginger.

The big question that faces me now is what will I eat, if anything, today? Should I fast for another day? I think I should. In fact, I will extend my fast. Today I will consume 4 cups of V8 V-Fusion light peach mango and Monday I will play it by ear.

I do no need to make some plans for how I will be changing my eating habits in order not to get back into that habit for impulse eating. I need to make an eating schedule and a daily menu for the month of June.

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