When all else fails rob a bank?

So you don’t want to work for anybody. In fact you’ve sworn you’ll stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger before you participate in the so-called work force as somebody’s employee. As far as you’re concerned the day you’re forced to go out and get a job will be the day you fail yourself; but in the meantime your life is in a mess. You’re not making any money. You’ve tried everything. You even managed to come up with money to open an account trading forex because you convinced yourself that forex trading was the answer to the question you’ve been trying to answer: how can I turn my computer into a money-making machine without having to resort to trying to sell anything to any body?

Unfortunately,  trading forex has so far proven to be a surer way of losing money. Every profit you’ve made you’ve lost. Meanwhile you’ve sold off pretty much all of your assets for $100 here, $150 there, and you’re all out of ideas for how to make money online or offline working for yourself.

Thankfully you’ve paid the rent this month, but there’s no money to pay the utilities. Every hole you can dig in the hope of finding money has been dug and every cent taken out of the holes where you were able to find a few cents or a few dollars. What are you going to do?

They say desperate times call for desperate measures, but robbing a bank is definitely not a viable solution to anyone’s money problems. If you’re going to consider robbing a bank you might as well go ahead and get a job. Either way you will be giving up your freedom, but giving up your freedom by taking a job will actually result in getting money. It will not be the amount of money you want, and you will not make the money working for yourself, but you’ll be better off in an office prison for 8 hours per day 5 days per week than in a real prison 24 hours per day for ten years.

Apparently armed bank robberies committed by females are on the rise; but female bank robbers usually get caught according to the FBI. You might make it out of the bank with the money but you’ll be behind bars before you can spend any of it.

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