I was supposed to have a hysterectomy performed back in April but I chickened out after the doctor went over the risks with me. Even though she promised that the number of people who die during the process of having their uterus removed is low, and that all the other hysterectomy risks come with low instances, I panicked and said I needed more time; but I’ll tell you, having fibroids is not pleasant. What they do to your figure is utterly depressing.

They say the fibroids eventually shrink once you go through menopause, but at age 37 I still have at least a decade to go before menopause. To have to walk around with this big belly for 10+ years just isn’t something that thrills. I can’t remember the last time I felt physically comfortable, and that’s so important when you’re trying to get your life together. You need to feel good physically. Your mind needs that boost that comes with being in good physical condition.

I suppose the only sensible choice is to have the hysterectomy, but I want to believe there are other ways to get rid of fibroids other than having your uterus removed. Not that I have any use for my uterus. But the idea of having any part of me removed isn’t something I can entertain with a casual attitude. If I could find other methods for shrinking fibroids I’d prefer to try those first. But I definitely need to do something about these fibroids because they’re adding to the long list of issues I have to deal with on a daily basis that get in the way of my ambition to rise above my poverty.

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