Financial crisis appears to be boosting business for McDonalds

Apparently there’s nothing like the threat of a possible second Great Depression to drive people to gorge themselves on milkshakes, french fries and triple-decker hamburgers. Or maybe it’s just that money is too tight for extravagant meals. If you ask William Spain he’ll tell you, “McDonald’s has been one of the prime beneficiaries of the economic downturn, as new menu items and expanded hours lure consumers to “trade down” from higher-priced dining options.”

So basically what you’re hearing now, even though no one will make a connection, is that there is indeed a link to poverty and obesity. If money problems drive people to “trade down” from higher priced options and eat cheaper food like McDonalds; then possibly there’s a corelation between the afordability of fast food and the obesity problem that plagues so many poor people?

Source: More strong growth for McDonald’s in October

Image: forgive me father by Mike-Wise via Flickr

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