Is forex trading really a viable way to make money online?

Dear diary, I am already becoming disheartened with the whole forex bit. The deeper I dig the more it seems like the world of ‘retail’ forex trading is more heavily concentrated with scams than with legitimate currency trading opportunities. Oh well. It’s back to the drawing board I guess. I am still investigating etoro because I like their trading platform and if they are legitimate I might try my hands at trading some time down the road when I’ve set aside $500 I can afford to risk. I find it interesting though that by comparison to the number of people who actually search for information on forex trading every day, the number of websites related to forex trading is massive; and most of the sites are in some way designed primarily to capitalize on the growing interest in forex trading by the non-traders like me who happen to hear about forex trading and take an interest because of the suggested potential to make money.

In a way I am not happy to be part of that group of people because the word that’s usually used to describe that group of people is “suckers”. That group of people are usually easily scammed not because they are stupid but because they are desperate. And I’ll be the first to admit, I desperately need a solution to my money problems that is going to work. And no, the solution for me is not to get a job. I’ve worked for myself for 10 years and up until this long dry spell that’s going on a year now have managed to keep money incoming. My instinct is never to wonder what skill I have that I can go out and convince somebody to hire me to get up every day and come to their place of business every day to use on their behalf. I’m just not wired that way and I’m not going to apologize for it. I work very hard. I don’t just sit around on my behind looking for easy ways to make money on the Internet; but because things are tight and tougher right now I am looking for other means of making money than the means I have been utilizing this past year. It will be a few more months before any of my remaining websites is worth enough for me to try to sell them.

When I built that forex site for a client the other day I became fascinated by the idea of forex trading. It seemed like a viable way of making some extra money and I still believe that with a trading environment like etoro, one designed for non-traders who, by the way, are highly disdained by “real traders”, and who, like some of these disdainful real traders have pointed out, will never be real traders, I can make at least a few thousand per month. Of course, if indeed the “fun” mode in the etoro platform is skewed to make you have decent results in order to lure you to deposit real money and try trading for real, at which time your results are again skewed this time to make you incur losses, then my preliminary theories would be founded on a forex scam and would therefore not apply in a real trading environment. Unfortunately, I still cannot figure out the workings of the standard trading platform.

I’ll keep digging and trying to figure out if forex trading is worth it for people like me who aren’t really interested in being “traders” per se, but would like to try forex trading as a means of generating some additional income.

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