Forex trading on my mind

By now you know I lost $1000 in 4 days trading forex and decided forex trading is not for me. Well, here I go again. Call me schizophrenic; but I’ve decided not to withdraw all the funds from my FXCM account. I am going to withdraw all but $500 and try to build back to my initial deposit from there. Yeah, I know. It’s an even crazier idea than the idea to get involved with trading forex to begin with. But I feel like I need to tough it out a little while longer. Maybe I picked the absolute worse time to start last Monday.We’ll see. I’ll just go for a dollar here, two dollars there for now. It will mean taking ages to build back up to my initial deposit but we’ll see. Last week I made stupid decisions. I traded like an wild idiot. I traded with fear. I kept taking chances and then hitting the panic button. It was quite embarrassing because I ended up in tears. I got so depressed I wanted to die.

But I’ve decided today that I’m not ready to quit. I’m going to try again but with less money, which of course makes no sense because I did write in another post that it’s absolutely not a smart idea to trade unless you have a good bit of money. Now here I am deciding to keep on trading with even less money. I hope I’m not becoming a forex trading addict already.

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