Forget about marrying for money – find a way to make your own millions

Just in case all the posts we’re doing about rich men and how to land a rich man and finding a rich man to marry, and the personal ads about rich men seeking women are giving the impression that we’re encouraging women to become gold diggers, we’d like to take a moment to say that we are not advocating the practice of chasing after rich men for their money.

We think all women should strive to achieve their own success rather than being content to be defined by the success of their husbands; but we recognize that some women are more concerned with mixing and mingling with the upper classes; and for these women the sooner they can fulfill their rich bitch socialite fantasies the better.

A rich husband who is already part of the society they long to socialize within will be the quickest and surest route to the top for women who are more interested in achieving status in society. The “how to land a rich man” type posts are for those women who are looking to go that route.

We know not all our readers are women looking to go the rich-husband-chasing route.

We ourselves are not looking to go that route. We’re among the group of women who want to earn their own money. We’re not particularly concerned with the socializing with high society people aspect; but we do find it all fascinating and will admit occasional envy.

Notwithstanding the green-eyed monster emerging on occasion, our personal quest is one of seeking financial freedom rather than seeking position in society.

Image: Lukasz Dunikowski via Flickr

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