It’s Friday already?

Wood statueDear diary, I had no idea today was Friday. It’s Friday the 13th no less. Not that I believe this date has any real significance. It’s pretty sunny outside already just after 8 o’clock in the morning. I’ve finished my morning yoga session. Yes, I mean my fake yoga. I’ve never taken a yoga class so I don’t want to call what I do yoga because someone might then ask for the name of some stance I’m executing and my stances don’t have names. I just stretch my limbs, stand on my head, do some handstands and other poses as I try to calm my mind and untie knots in my perpetually wound up mind and body.

Mentally I’m feeling more tempted to worry than I am feeling actual worry. I am facing the same money problems today as yesterday and the day before. I have a bill that must be paid that will be due in a few days and I don’t have any money to pay it; but at the present moment I don’t feel panicked. I am trying to sell a handful of websites. I have 5 in all that I am trying to sell. They are not worth much on the market but anything is possible. I might be able to come up with $200 – $300. Sad isn’t it? But it is what it is. I need to pay my server bill as my websites provide the only reasonable hope of earning income at this time. I can’t afford to lose the server because that would mean losing the websites.

I am waiting for 9 o’clock to have some Salada brand Chai green tea. I am looking forward to it actually. Not sure how I’ll be passing the day outside of the usual updating of the websites I manage and trying to see what I can do about making some money. Maybe I’ll try again to work on my novel. Yesterday’s effort didn’t yield much. I can’t understand why I continue to struggle so with something I used to do so effortlessly and passionately.

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