Someone from Gft forex hung up the phone on me

It was around 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock in the afternoon last Friday. I think it was last Friday. It might have been Monday. I tend to lose track of time; but anyway my cell phone rings. I answer it. It’s some guy saying I asked for information about currency trading. “Oh really?” I ask, because I’ve never asked anyone to send me any information about forex trading or any other kind of trading for that matter. I say this to the guy. I’m not exactly a sweetheart when it comes to receiving junk phone calls. I’m not rude either, but my time is very valuable to me and I don’t like to be disturbed by people calling and trying to take up my time in the hope of getting money I don’t have.

So I explain to the caller that I never asked anyone to call me about foreign currency trading; and he tells me that, in fact, when I filled out the form on the website to download and try out their trading platform demo I gave them permission to telephone me. “Is that right?” I asked. “Well, either way,” I said, “I am not interested in receiving phone calls from your company.”

The caller still kept trying to strike up a conversation about foreign currency trading, wanting to know if there were any questions he could answer for me. “No,” I told him. By this point he was getting a bit testy, taking it personally that I wasn’t trying to be nice, even though I also wasn’t being offensive. I was simply stating firmly that I wasn’t interested in his phone call or his information and didn’t really appreciate that they would take the liberty of calling me. I had not provided my phone number for them to use it to call me and try to sell me on their service.

He started to deny that he was calling to try to sell me anything, claiming that he was only calling to see if there was any way GFT Forex could help me, if there were any questions they could answer for me about currency trading. “No,” I said again and started to explain that I did not think it was right for them to call people who didn’t ask for their phone call; that it was, in a way, a violation of privacy. But while I was in the middle of talking, the caller hung up the phone. And I wasn’t being rude, I swear. I wasn’t yelling or being nasty.

Do you think I’m going to try GFT Forex’s service? I don’t think so…

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