Have some pasta with spinach and red bell peppers for dinner tonight

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Why not make some pasta with Spinach and red bell peppers tossed with olive oil, parsley and your favorite seasonings? The photo that inspired the idea for pasta with spinach and red bell peppers comes via Flickr from user moria who seems to love to cook judging by her collection of food related pictures.

If a minute viewing Moira’s vegan foods picture set doesn’t make you want to get up and go cook up something yummy and healthy, then there’s just no hope for you and that’s all there is to that.

Seriously, you don’t have to deprive yourself of food or think of eating as something bad. The key to maintaining a healthy figure is to control your urge to eat under the weight of pressure and stress and to get exercise. That’s where your problems with your weight are coming from, not from the foods themselves but from your misuse of them and your failure to balance your eating with exercise.

Food is good. You should eat food. Starving yourself is silly. Besides that it always backfires. If you really want to lose weight and feel great, start by loving yourself enough to do healthy things for your mind and your body.

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