Holly Becker Decor8

It’s always inspiring to stumble across blogs or other websites maintained by talented women, whether they inspire with the words they write, their pictures, their music, I always come away reminded to keep on believing and to let your inner light shine forth, to be yourself, be true to yourself; and if you don’t really know what you’re capable of for whatever reason, try to discover it. And once you’ve discovered your true passion, share it; but share it honestly and wholeheartedly and people will respond with equal wholehearted honesty.

Screen shot from Holly Becker's decor8 blogspot blog

Stumbled across the blog of Holly Becker who describes herself as a writer and interior design consultant. She maintains a blogspot blog called decor8 where she catalogs beautiful decorating items. Love the look of her blog, and her “finds” are indeed beautiful. You might find some things to add to your wish list or pick up straight away assuming you have more than $7 in your bank account. Click here to visit Holly Becker’s Decor8

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