How Crystal Fashion Jewelry Started

Crystal fashion jewelry has become very popular these days because of its sparkly look that any woman would want to include in their outfit. You will often spot a woman wearing either crystal bead bracelets that goes with any kind of outfit, or totting a Swarovski studded clutch paired with a long evening gown. This fashion jewelry adds dimension to your look as it sparkles differently depending on which angle is reflected by the light.

In the beginning, crystal fashion jewelry started through natural quartz crystals. These crystals were cut and polished using a machine designed by Daniel Swarovski in 1892. The hues of the beads are different from one another, there are those that would have darker hues, lighter hues and even transparent beads. For a rainbow burst sparkle, manufacturers, specifically Swarovski, uses an Aurora Borealis finish. Today, these crystals can be bought in various shapes and sizes, some may even offer customizable shapes for a more expensive price. These crystals are not only used for jewelry, they are also used for embellishing bags, watches, belts and a lot more. Fashion designers also use these crystals to give accent on evening gowns and even for wedding gowns.

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