How Many Calories in a Banana?

Most of us love bananas.  We eat them with toast, in cereal or on ice cream.  Bananas are one of the potassium rich foods that are good for you.  Bananas are also used in protein shake recipes.  Bananas are ground worldwide in tropical areas and they are the 4th largest fruit that is grown in the world.  Bananas cannot be harvested in areas that are cold because freezing temperatures will destroy the crops.  There needs to be at least a year to a year and a half with conditions of no frost in order for them to produce correctly.  If the temperature falls below 53 degree Fahrenheit, the bananas will stop growing.  High temperatures and excessive sunlight are not good for the crop either as the leaves as well as the fruit may be damaged. 

So how many calories in banana?  Well bananas come in various sizes so the answer will be different according to the size.  A small banana is about 7 inches and is about 90 calories, a medium sized one is about 8 inches and 105 calories, a large banana is about 9 inches and 120 calories and a huge banana is any banana that is over 9 inches and is about 135 calories.  This information is only for raw bananas and does not count bananas that are fried or cooked.  In that case, the amount of calories will be significantly higher since anything cooked, especially fried will raise the calorie count.

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