How to Beat those Pesky Tan Lines

How-to-Beat-those-Pesky-Tan-LinesPicture it.  You just came back from your beautiful vacation in Hawaii.  You spent hours on gorgeous beaches and caught some waves in the crystal clear waters.  You return home feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Unfortunately, you’re shocked to look in the mirror and find embarrassingly obvious tan lines.  The tan lines are so dramatic that you don’t want to wear that new strapless dress you bought on your vacation.  We’ve all been there!  So what do you do about it?  Fortunately, we live in the day and age of spray tanning!  Tan lines are now a thing of the past for those turning to spray tanning equipment.

Spray tanning equipment, as well as the lotions and solutions, continue to improve in quality.  This is wonderful news for avid tanners because it means that it’s now completely possible to have a safe, even and stunning tan­ all year long, without any tan lines.  There are many different types of spray tanning equipment.  Most spray tanning can now be performed in the privacy of your own home.  You no longer have to drive over to your local salon.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for the tanning world is airbrush tanning kits.   Airbrush tanning kits have advanced tremendously, meaning they now have all the tools to cover all the hard-to-reach spots and avoid tan lines.  These kits typically come with gloves, caps, the proper exfoliants and creams as well as everything else from tents to hoses to fans.  Everything you need to maintain that perfect tan and avoid those dreaded tan lines.

Guest post is by Artesian Tan, a revolutionary sunless tanning supply company. Check out their website to find the leading tanning spray guns in the industry.

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