Still looking for ideas on how to meet a rich man?

In “Mary Kirby’s Guide to Meeting Men,” author Mary Kirby suggests you start reading the society pages and pay special attention to the announcements of weddings and engagements if your goal is to meet a rich man. What you’ll be looking for will be names of churches.

Be sure to look up the names of the people in the wedding and engagement announcements to make sure they are members of high society. It’s possible one or two delusional and pretentious poor people could put a wedding or engagement announcement in the paper, so you’ll want to make sure your target church is one attended by the affluent.

Once you’ve pinpointed a church that’s attended by rich people, start going there even if you have to ride three trains and five buses.

Your objective isn’t necessarily to meet your rich Mr. Right at the church but to make some rich friends so you can start hanging out in rich circles and then be better able to find your rich Mr. Right.

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