How to read candlestick charts forex

Resource: Understanding Candlestick patterns in fx trading

I have been resisting learning how to read forex charts. I have a thing with charts and graphs; but I’ve decided if I am going to go forward with trading forex with real money, I can’t afford to not understand how to read forex charts. Even if I don’t use the charts much, as I understand not every forex trader relies on the charts though many of the experts insist on their importance, I should at least know how to read the charts and understand what the charts are telling me. I believe that it is unwise not to make an extra effort to at least grasp the basics of chart reading, particularly the reading of candlestick charts which I seem to have a bigger problem with than say the normal line graphing formats.

So I’ve done some research to find tutorials for reading Japanese candlestick charts. Some of the sites I’ve found were all snazzy and jazzy and cute and clever but I still didn’t get a handle on candlestick charts after I went through their lesson.

Here are some links to sites with explanations for candlestick chart reading that I personally found easier to understand:

How To Read a Candlestick Chart By Adam Milton,

The Art of Candlestick Charting – Investopedia

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