I should probably buy myself a new house with all this money I’ve got

I don’t really have any money of course, except for my imaginary billions with which I’ve been shopping all day for my imaginary home which I have yet to buy. So let me see about buying myself a new home.  This might take a while. I wonder if they sell million dollar homes online which you can purchase simply by clicking “add to cart” ?

Not sure where I want my million dollar home to be located. I like the beach so near the beach seems a good idea except I’m afraid of the possibility of a tsunami; and I don’t really like too much sun. I also like New England, at least in autumn, though I’ve never been to New England in any season.

I wouldn’t live in Texas but there are some nice million dollar homes for sale in Sugar Land Texas via yahoo real estate. If you’re looking for a million dollar home in texas then you should check them out. Million dollar homes in texas

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