I still think forex trading could be financially rewarding

Yes, I still have forex trading on my mind, although, I am not going to change my mind about canceling my FXCM account again like I did the day before  yesterday. I am going to go through with the cancellation because I believe it is the more responsible thing to do at this time. I am clearly not mentally or emotionally ready to engage in such a high risk activity as trading forex for the reasons that I went into it.

While my brief experience with forex trading still does not make me a suitable person to give advice on currency trading, I will share some conclusions I have reached based on my limited experience, not as a matter of advice but simply for conversation.

  1. Individuals prone to having panic attacks or other symptoms of extreme anxiety should probably not trade forex unless they are forex trading professionals.
  2. If you are having money problems and feeling desperate to find a solution, forex trading is not the answer. The high risks that trading forex involves will mean a strong likelihood of losing money instead of making money which will only exacerbate your money problems.
  3. If you are suffering with depression and part of your depression is related to worrying about money, forex trading in the hope of making money to help ease your depression is not a good idea.
  4. Forex trading comes with high risks of losing money and if you’re already depressed about having no money, you will surely be even more depressed as a result of losing money trading forex

So based on the conclusions I have reached, it doesn’t look like there’s a forex trading rich bitch in my immediate future; but I will continue to study forex trading and practice and stay on top of the economics news. At least I will try because I believe the key to having money is be part of the world of money. If you where it’s at then you have a better chance of getting it.

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