If all that you are is a result of what you have thought then can you be anything you want to be simply by thinking your way into what you want to become?

If you focus only on the words themselves then it seems almost insultingly simplistic to tell people that they have the power to change their lives simply by changing their thoughts. Think you’re a rich woman and you’ll become a rich woman. Visualize wealth and wealth will be miraculously manifested.

“Your thoughts are magical” almost seems to be the message in books like “The Secret”. If you think your life abounds with wealth then the law of attraction dictates that wealth will come to you.

In a 2-part article evolutionaryawareness.com explains how we can achieve emotional freedom by changing the way we respond to life’s events. I like how they admit that there are, in fact, events that transpire in life over which we don’t really have any control. In “The Secret” it is suggested that there is nothing that occurs in our lives that we did not invite on some subconscious level. I strongly doubt that the innocent children who are killed every day invite their death on some subconscious level. There are things that happen in life that we have no power to stop from happening; however, I believe we do have the power to prevent these events from controlling our lives after they have occurred, and I beleive that power comes down to our choice over constructive thinking versus destructive thinking.

As an example, if I still feel pain and hurt over the time 30 years ago when my father slapped me in my face with cruelty and hate, it isn’t the event that is causing the present pain and hurt. The pain and hurt is being caused by my choice to keep thinking about the event and to continue viewing the event in a light that evokes feelings of pain and hurt.

Here are the two articles from evolutionaryawareness.com

Emotional freedom techniques [ Part 1 ]

Emotional freedom techiniques [ Part 2 ]

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