Inner Thigh workout

There is nothing I hate more than when my weight gets to where I can feel my inner thighs rubbing together. When I’m not physically comfortable I can’t concentrate on anything other than my physical discomfort; and as you can imagine, when you’re focusing on your physical discomfort you’re not usually in a very good mood; so when I’ve gained so much weight that my thighs begin to rub together, my mood is usually not pleasant.

I’ve never been one of those girls with that shape you envy. The girls who have this major gap between their legs. Well, I guess whether you envy them or not really depends on how you view their gap. Some people tease girls with wide gaps between their legs and accuse them of having the gap due to having too much sex. I can admit some gaps are so wide they don’t look good, but for the most part legs that are very clearly separated from each other in the upper inner thigh region tend to look better than legs with a barely discernible space between the inner thighs, or legs that obviously rub together.

I’ve always wanted more space between my legs because I like the look of legs that are not too close together. I guess my natural shape is such that too much loose weight on my inner thighs makes them rub together, so to keep my inner thighs from rubbing together I have to keep my inner thigh muscles tight.

From what I’m reading, unless I’m misunderstanding what I’m reading, there aren’t any specific exercises you can do to target your inner thighs for the purpose of reducing inner thigh fat? I’ve been doing some exercises to combat the problem I’ve been having, and my thighs aren’t rubbing together any more, but I guess there’s a difference between doing exercises to reduce fat and doing exercises to gain muscle. At least that’s what Stephen Holt, a personal trainer, appears to be saying in “Inner thigh lies” .

I won’t pretend to fully understand everything he’s saying, but I found this particular statement to be very informative:

You have no more control over where you lose fat than you do over where you gain it.”

He makes the statement in the context of explaining why you might not lose fat from your inner thighs by working your inner thighs directly.

I know from personal experience that certain exercises done in the hope of getting rid of inner thigh fat have not worked and with Holt’s statement in mind I can assume the reason is that the exercises aren’t designed to build muscle, and I guess that’s the key difference. You can’t get rid of fat from a specific area by targeting the specific area with a specific exercise for fat burning but you can build muscle?

Hey, I’m just trying to understand the concepts myself so don’t shoot me if my interpretation of what I’m reading is all wrong. If I do understand the concepts correctly, then it would explain why my sumo squats have done in a few short days what weeks of aerobic leg exercises couldn’t. Of course, you don’t want to overdo the sumo squatting if you don’t want your legs to get bigger.

Happy Sumo squatting!

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