Installing bamboo floors in your home

Bamboo floors can give a wonderful appearance to any home. A wooden floor give a lot of character to a room, but it can be expensive to purchase and install. Bamboo on the other hand is very cheap and the installation is easy to do as well.

Bamboo floor panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This enables you to get just the right “look and feel” for any particular room in your house.Bamboo is an extremely tough wood (technically it is a grass) and is ideal for any home. It is treated to enhance its termite resistant properties and thus gives you an added incentive to install it. It is an easy to maintain flooring option is so easy to install, that you can do it by yourself. All you have to do is to get the right bamboo flooring accessories.

Bamboo can be used in any part of the flooring in your house, even you garage. However, there is special type of bamboo flooring for these high traffic areas and it is called strand woven flooring. These panels are twice as hard as oak wood and can hold almost 4,000 pounds per square inch in weight. Since they are meant to be used in high traffic areas, they a slightly more expensive but are extremely durable and tough. Even these are available for DIY installation and also come in many colors.

If you are thinking about it now, go online and check out some vendors. Going through their catalogues could give you some interesting ideas.

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