Is Victoria Beckham too skinny?

Dear Rich Bitch, I’m curious what you think about Victoria Beckham and other celebrities over the age of 30 weighing less than the average 13 year old? Kacie, IN

Dear Kacie, to be honest I understand what it must be like to for these women, the pressure they must feel to make sure they can still fit into size zero jeans in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s.

The other day I came across a picture of Amy Winehouse where she was looking a little bit bloated; and someone made a comment that she was looking chubby. The comment was meant to laugh at her; and it made me  realize that celebrity women just can’t win. When Amy Winehouse was reed thin people were criticizing her. The moment she put on a pound people started making fat jokes.

Considering people’s attitudes towards weight, who among us wouldn’t rather be skinny than fat? It’s easier to handle having people tell you that you’re too skinny. In many ways that’s received as a compliment rather than an insult. For women like Victoria Beckham being skinny isn’t really just a matter of vanity. These women’s entire self worth is tied to their body image; and if they gain a size they don’t feel good about themselves anymore. It’s a psychological issue that developed as a result of succumbing to social pressure to be thin. It’s not necessarily easy to overcome.

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