It might be time for an attitude adjustment

Dear Rich Bitch, How do you think attitudes affect lives? How does it affect a person’s character and in turn the family? anonymous

Dear anonymous, Having a bad or otherwise negative attitude is never a good thing for the person with the attitude problem or the people who have to be around that person. You’ll find that a bad attitude is like a magnet that draws bad experiences. In reality it’s not your bad attitude drawing the bad experiences. It’s really that you take your bad attitude with you wherever you go and life/people respond accordingly.

All too frequently people with bad attitudes are just depressed or feeling otherwise defeated or angry on account of things that have happened in their lives. They don’t want to feel the way they are feeling but they don’t understand that they alone have the power to adjust their brain so that they don’t feel the way they feel. They wait for life to change, but because they walk around being negative all the time, being mean, angry, unmotivated or otherwise carrying around a bad attitude, the smallest irritation, like a fly buzzing around them for example, becomes evidence that nothing good ever happens to them or will ever happen to them in life. This feeds their habit for being negative, or becoming easily angered, or otherwise being in a bad mood all the time.

Whether it’s the difference between being positive or negative, being confident or insecure, being outgoing or shy, being rude or being nice, being selfish or being thoughtful, loving life or hating life, loving people or hating people, being energized and ready to go or being disinclined to do anything but sit around, our attitude often determines whether we stay poor or get rich, stay depressed or find happiness, live life to its fullest or let time pass us by while we sit around and mope or sit around being lazy.

Attitude is everything, and for those of us with a tendency to be negative, angry and ready to blame life, until we make an attitude adjustment and take responsibility for our own happiness, we’ll find that our life experiences will remain negative, we will remain angry and it will continue to seem to us as if life is determined to defeat us at every turn. The truth is, life responds according to our reactions to the event of living.

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