Ivana Trump – now there’s a rich bitch for you

Apparently Ivana Trump pictched a fit on a plane because she got stuck in coach, and someone had to give up their seat in first class to accomodate her. Not sure of the exact details of the fit pitching, but how come when people like Naomi Campbell start acting up thinking they should be treated better than everybody else, police get called; but when Ivana Trump does it mountains get moved for her?

Page Six: A fellow passenger on her flight from West Palm Beach to Newark on Sunday watched in awe as Trump acted “miserable that she was put in coach and not first class” and spent her time “complaining the nearby children were acting like monsters.” Our spy said, “The flight attendant even asked a first- class passenger to switch with Ivana.” Read more on nypost.com

How cute, she’s wearing the earrings from her daughter Ivanka’s diamond jewelry collection.

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