John Mayer’s Twitter Addiction

For those who love following the rollercoaster relationships of their favorite stars, the celebrity pairing of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer has certainly been an interesting ride. The on-again off-again couple appeared closer than ever at the 2009 Oscars just last month. However, it appears the couple has broken it off for good. And surprisingly enough, the blame for the breakup seems to fall on John Mayer’s obsessing with the social networking website Twitter.

Occasionally referred to as “micro blogging”, Twitter has exploded in popularity over the past year. This popular site allows you to post text message-sized updates about your life for your followers to read. Many celebrities and companies have embraced Twitter as a tool for communication with fans and customers.

What does this have to do with Aniston and Mayer’s breakup? According to one source, Aniston called it quits because Mayer was spending more time spending tweets to his fans than he was calling or e-mailing her. Ouch. Apparently, he failed to return her messages, claiming he was busy with work. However, he was still taking the time to send out hourly tweets. Really John, would it have been that hard to send your girlfriend a text message at the same time you were sending one to your favorite website? And, not surprising to those who accept this story as truth, Mayer twittered about the breakup as well. What did he have to say? “This heart didn’t come with instructions.”

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