July 4th 2008 forex trading report card

Here’s my latest report card from my demo forex trading account. I have brought my account on the plus side of the initial deposit. Of course this is not real money so there’s no real benefit to me other than that of being able to say that I am learning as I go along. I am still seriously leaning towards trading with real money in a few weeks. Of course I’ll be going against the advise of all the experts. They don’t think poor people and people who are strapped for cash should trade forex; but I suspect that’s because these people would usually dip into the little money they have to fund their accounts. I did almost sign up for a real account and had intended to fund the account using my credit card; however I did not go through with that plan. I can see that it is a foolish plan. I will have to find the money to fund the account without dipping into household funds or using credit cards.

Beginning Balance 49,766.77
Comm Trading Commission 0.00
Rollover Rollover Fee 0.00
PnL Profit/Loss of Trade 417.74
Depos Deposit 0.00
Withd Withdrawal 0.00
Option Options Payout 0.00
Comm Options Commission 0.00
WithdFee Withdrawal Fee 0.00
MngFee Management Fee 0.00
PerfFee Performance Fee 0.00
Void Deposit Rollback 0.00
ASPComm ASP Commission 0.00
MargInterest Interest on Usable Margin 0.00
Ending Balance 50,184.51
Floating P/L 0.00
Equity 50,184.51
Necessary Margin 0.00
Usable Margin 50,184.51

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