Maybe you can finish that novel after all

You know, I have a theory, it does a whole world more of good if you allow yourself to be inspired by people who are doing what you wish you could do, realize that if they are doing it you can also do it; and even if for some reason you can’t really also do it, like maybe you’re not as talented, still admire them for their talent and be pleased for them that they are fulfilling their dreams.

I started writing when I was eleven and started submitting my work when I was 18. Everything I submitted got rejected and by the age of 27 I began to struggle with my passion and ability for writing. I have never lost my desire to write, particularly the story of Anthony and Molly, and the story of Lawrence and Angelina, possibly the story of Claudio and Sharon. These are all characters I created over the years. I actually finished novels about these character and tried to get the story about Anthony and Molly published unsuccessfully. Of course I can see why it was rejected. I submitted the first draft and it was horrible; but the point is, I wanted to be a writer but gave up after all the rejection and have since been struggling to write.

Today I stumbled across the website of Justine Larbalestier accidentally and came to a post How I finished my first novel and I’ve been inspired to believe maybe my own story can have a similarly happy ending. So thank you Justine Larbalestier. I finsihed the first draft of Anthony and Molly’s story when I was 19 back in 1989. If I am able to rewrite the story and get it published mine will have taken 20 years instead of 10, assuming it happens before the end of 2009, but at the end of the day it won’t be about how long it took, but that I did it.

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