Learning Forex trading

Recently I took on a new client who needed me to develop a website and populate the site with content  about forex trading. I know nothing about forex trading so I’ve had to do some research in order to get some articles written. While doing the research I’ve developed a bit of interest in learning more about the foreign exchange market; so I’ve decided to put back the money and finance category I used to have and use it as a scrap book of sorts for my lessons in forex trading. If you’re looking for qualified information about forex trading you’re not going to find it here, but if you’re an absolute novice and would like to follow along as I, also an absolute novice, try to grasp the concept of trading currency you’re welcome to check back daily as I update this section of the site with new information I’ve learned.  I am even considering getting a qualified tutor and will share my lessons should I go that route.

What’s interesting is I’m not necessarily trying to learn about forex trading so that I can start trading. I would just like to understand how forex trading works and fully grasp the concept of currency trading as I find it all a bit fascinating.

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