Leona Helmsley was truly the queen of mean

Just finished reading The Rich Bitch Needs a Good Lawyer an article about Leona Helmsley’s dog Trouble, a rich bitch by definition (a bitch is defined as a female dog, which Trouble is a female dog and a millionaire). It’s an article from 2007 so not  necessarily timely, but it shows the depth and breadth of Leona Helmsley’s meanness. Personally it’s difficult to believe that anyone could be capable of that level of cruelty without there having been anything that happened in their life to harden their heart. No one can possibly have been born that callous.

To leave $12 million to your dog  but disinherit 2 of your grand children, leave $3 million to have your mausoleum steam-cleaned once per yer but disinherit two of your grandchildren, well, that seems mean enough to liken Leona Helmsley to Cruella Deville no? But then again, we’re talking about grand children here, and we don’t know what might have been going on behind closed doors. Maybe her grand children despised her and disrespected her and had no use for her or value for her life. Should she have felt obligated  nonetheless to leave them money?

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