Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a rich bitch

Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you can treat people however you please; and the late Leona Helmsley learned this fact the hard way back in 1989 when she was convicted on charges of tax evasion after some of the people she treated poorly turned on her and sent evidence of her illegal business practices to the New York Post.

With a name like “” you might be inclined to beleive this site promotes the idea of rich women being unapologetically mean to others less fortunate than themselves. In fact, the word bitch used on this site is not used in support of the mean-spiritedness, conceit and general unpleasantness of attitude that the word generally conveys. A rich woman has no reason to be mean and certainly a woman as rich as Leona Helmsley was, a billionaire, should have been more mindful to treat those less fortunate than herself with kinder consideration.

Of course she’s now dead so it hardly matters; but her story is a good example of how not to aspire to be as you pursue your goals to become a rich woman. From all accounts Leona Helmsley was an ambitious, fiercely determined woman; and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being ambitious and determined; but it would seem that Leona’s fierce determination knew no limits as far as what she was willing to do in the name of getting where she wanted to be. It didn’t matter if she had to destroy lives in the process.

There’s something to be said for being kind and considerate, humane, honest, and having integrity. Why be disdainful of others because you’re better off than they are financially, especially knowing that you kind of tricked and schemed your way to the top in the first place. Leona Helmsley should have known herself that just because people are poor doesn’t mean they are powerless and stupid. She was a perfect example herself, managing to get everything she wanted in life despite her less than privileged background.

For more about Leona Helmsley read  Leona Helmsley: “The Queen of Mean” by Rachael Bell

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