Lindsay Lohan at FEARnet’s 2nd anniversary party in New York City

Not sure if Lindsay Lohan qualifies as a rich bitch. There were rumors last year that she had run out of money and she hasn’t been working much. She was paid something like $75,000 for her last film, again according to rumor; but if she’s not rich she surely knows how to live rich, jetting from New York to Paris, London, Japan and other places in the world to attend one event or another.

Most recently Lindsay has been spotted at FEARnet’s 2nd anniversary party in New York City. The 22-year old Cirque Lodge rehab graduate was dressed in a black see-through top, black tights, and a black front-zip mini skirt with black patent leather ankle boots with blue soles and a blue lining. The boots are from Yves Saint Laurent Fall 08 collection and have also been seen adorning Jennifer Lopez’s feet.

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