Losing money forex trading will make your depression worse so if you’re already depressed you might want to think twice about trading forex

Suffer with depression? Thinking about getting into forex trading? Does lack of money play a part in your depression? Are you thinking about getting into forex trading in the hope that you will make money and thereby get rid of the depression that’s related to your not having any money? Well, you might want to reconsider getting into forex trading. Forex trading comes with high risks of losing money. You probably already know that because the Commodities Futures Trading Commission makes the brokers tell you how risky it is; but because the brokers want your money they also entice you to get into forex trading in the same breath used to warn you of the associated risks. They tell you that forex trading comes with high risks of large losses and also the possibility of large gains.

Well, you’ve been trying everything  to make money for years all to no avail. You want an end to your money problems. You’re tired of being depressed about money. You’re tired of feeling suicidal because you never have any money and never know how you’re going to pay your bills; but if you’re thinking about opening an account trading forex in the hope that it will solve your money problems and cure your depression, you need to pay attention to all the warnings about forex trading and the high risks of losing money. No matter what you hear to the contrary, it is easier to lose money trading forex than to make money. Don’t take my word for it because my experience trading forex is only the experience of a single trader and I have not been trading very long. I am also not an expert; but you can trust the CFTC and the NFA. They will tell you that indeed it is easier for the small retail forex trader to lose money trading forex than to make money. They will tell you that, in fact, 95% of small retail forex traders never make any money trading forex.

You will make profits here and there, but you will lose them just as quickly as you make them; and if you have a problem with being depressed because of money, you can be sure losing money trading forex will add to your depression. So keep in mind that you have a significantly higher chance of losing money trading currency in the foreign exchange market and be sure you will be able to deal with that reality once it strikes you before you decide to go forward with your plans to trade forex.

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