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What is a bitch? That is the question on my mind at the moment as I continue to face business related problems surrounding my use of the word bitch in my domain name. The problems aren’t make or break issues I don’t think, but they do present some difficulty with using Google to try to advertise my site and using some other common means for website advertising.

So I’ve been spending some time looking around the Internet to see how other people are using the word bitch in order to get a sense of whether in fact the word is that greatly offensive that it needs to be filtered.

I’ve just come across the lyrics to the song “Bitch” written by Meredith Brooks. I’ve never heard the song ‘Bitch’ and I’ve never heard of Meredith Brooks.

In the song’s lyrics bitch is used without apology. Women are always going to be accused of being bitches. They accuse each other. I’ve never personally been called a bitch to my face by any male I’ve known; but I can’t count the number of times my own mother and sisters have called me a bitch. What does it mean? When people call you a bitch they’re expressing their own frustration with not being able to break you that’s all. People only call you a bitch when you don’t bend and yield and take whatever is being dished out. If you take away the word “bitch” out of that equation, basically what you’re describing is a strong, independent woman. People use the word bitch to accuse strong independent women of being difficult. There’s nothing negative about being strong and independent therefore there is nothing negative about being a bitch.

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