Make Room in your Closet with Shoe Organizers

If you are having trouble closing your closet doors, try using shoe organizers to keep the door area free to move. They fit right over the door and will hold up to thirty pairs of shoes. If you are like many women that is not too shoes, it may not even be enough. Keep them organized by color or style so you can grab the right pair when you are dressing.  The individual pockets allow for air circulation so  your shoes will never feel damp because they were closed in when you took them off.

When you come home after a night on the town, having solar powered lights spaced up your walkway will keep you from tripping over something. Your porch light may not reach all the way to the driveway.  If you have kids, you know how things are forever getting left outside. These lights just push right into the ground and absorb sunlight during the day to be used as energy for nighttime power. No batteries or cords required.

To make even more room in your closet, use space bags for things you do not use frequently. Each bag will hold multiple items in a very small space. Simple place your items in the bag, zip it closed, attach the hose from your vacuum and suck out all the air. It will not only save a lot of space but it will keep any clothes from moths, mildew or  any other damage. They are great for storing extra blankets or sleeping bags.

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