Apparently I don’t have money and I’m not making money because I am blocking money from coming to me with my thoughts

Have I already said what a bunch of nonsense I consider “The Secret”? My former therapist made me buy the book and I had a falling out with a friend over the film because I refused to watch it and refused to listen to his raving about how I really needed to watch it because it would so greatly enlighten me to things I don’t know. I’ll say this, I firmly believe that thoughts are powerful things. I’ve always believed this long before it became fashionable for people like Rhonda Byrne to package the notion and sell it to people like my therapist, my friend and my sister, all three of whom recommended “The Secret” to me. Thoughts are powerful. There’s no question about that.

When I was a teenager in New York I was desperate for a boyfriend.  I decided one day that I was going to get a boyfriend whatever it took. I went out trying to get a boyfriend by dressing to draw attention to myself. I sent out signals based on the following thoughts:

  • I’m desperate for a boyfriend and I don’t care what I have to do to get one I’m going to get one
  • I don’t really believe I’m special enough to have a boy come seeking me out so I’m going to go and seek him out
  • I don’t really believe I’m beautiful enough to get a boyfriend the way I am so I’m going to wear make up and dress sexily and try to make myself look worthy of a boy’s attention

If you notice all of my thoughts were negative. I was sending out signals that I was desperate, felt unloved and didn’t consider myself worthy. What do you think someone will attract who is sending out those kinds of signals? Naturally when you send out those kinds of signals they will be received by someone looking for a desperate girl who lacks confidence and is hungry to feel loved. Ordinarily boys aren’t going to be attracted to a girl who is desperate for attention and has no self esteem. For a man to be specifically looking for such a girl he’d have to be intending to take advantage of her. From the conception of the thought that I was going to get a boyfriend no matter what it took, I’d written the story that would unfold over the next several months and culminate in my becoming a pregnant teenager.

I personally have no doubt that we make things happen in our lives one way or another; but I have a problem with the oversimplification of the idea that we call good or bad into our lives by sending out good or bad thoughts, especially when it comes to the subject of money. I find the notion that I don’t have money because I am somehow blocking money from coming to me with my thoughts preposterous; but how great would it be if I did indeed have the power to change my fortune simply by changing my thoughts from thoughts designed to block money from coming to be, into thoughts designed to allow money to flow easily and abundantly into my life?

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