Marc Jacobs Printed Ottoman Dress now on sale at neimanmarcus at $910 off original price of $1400

There’s a Marc Jacobs yellow/cream/blue/green abstract print dress currently on sale at Neiman Marcus for $490. The original price of the dress was $1400  so you’ll be saving $910 if you buy it. My question is, what is this dress made of that justifies charging $1400 for it? I get that silk is expensive but the dress isn’t even 100% silk, and even then manufacturing one of it probably cost less than $100 so to charge $1400 for it seems highly outrageous.

It’s a cute dress, don’t get me wrong. It would look good on you if you have a nice slender neck, thin arms and thin legs. It has a camisole neckline, spaghetti straps and an empire waist and is a blend of cotton and silk which will probably feel like heaven on your skin. Nonetheless, even at the sale price of $490 the dress seems way overpriced for under two yards of cloth. Wonder what the workers got paid who actually made the dress?


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