Marrying for love vs security

Dear Rich bitch, Do you think young women these days look for security rather then love and that most women prefer to marry older guys who are loaded than to marry a younger guy who doesn’t have much? Do you think its right to compromise like this? A worried mother

Dear worried mother, young women today seem more concerned with looks and love that they are with money. Women are encouraged nowadays to go out and make their own money, and today’s young women are even more ambitious and more determined to be independently successful than their mothers.

With so much emphasis placed on female empowerment it would seem less likely that young women today would marry older men with money for the promise of financial security. At the same time they might not give a younger guy the time of day if he doesn’t have anything to offer.

There will of course be exceptions to the rule. You will have some young women, mostly young women coming from poor backgrounds who are not particularly inclined to pursue 9-5 careers, who will be more willing to marry an older man for his money; but I would have to say that most young women are more concerned with love than security. It usually takes a while for a woman to become disillusioned with love and learn to place security above fervid kisses and passionate love-making.

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