Money gives you more options – more things to do

Poor people watch more TV than rich people it’s said; and it’s said in such a way as if to show yet another way in which rich people are better than poor people; or it’s probably more accurate to say that it’s done to take a shot at poor people.

If you think about it though, it makes sense that poor people watch more TV than rich people. It’s not as if the rich are at home just like the poor, but instead of opting to watch TV they opt to read the work of some Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Rich people are always out and about. They can afford to attend every play, every ballet, every charity event, every show and every party every night. They can afford to go out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can afford daily shopping excursions.  Poor people are limited by their wallets. Most can only go from home to work and work to home. Some might try to go out every weekend or every other weekend; but they simply can’t afford nightly outings so they stay home and escape for a while by watching TV. If they had money they would be on the go just like the rich. All of the differences between the rich and the poor come down to having or lacking certain options due to having or lacking money.

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