Money on my mind first thing in the morning

Went to bed with money on my mind and woke up with money on my mind. I didn’t make any money yesterday. I am running out of time before I have to pay $190 for the the dedicated server I’ve been renting for 5 or 6 years now. I don’t even have $190. What a total shame. My savings account and my 2 checking accounts are down to nothing. 0.12 cents in the savings, $10.55 in the main checking and 0.00 in my second checking account. I have a number of different Internet accounts and the funds in those accounts are as follows:

  1. $41.45 in account #1
  2. $3.84 in account #2
  3. $7.07 in account #3
  4. $86.15 in account #4

I can’t touch the account with $86.15 for a bit so the money it contains won’t help me out. I also have a sharebuilder account but it’s such a joke I don’t even need to check to see if maybe Sirius satellite raido stock has turned around so that I can sell some of my shares to help accumulate the funds I need. I had some fractions of shares of Google stock but had to sell that when I found myself in a similar predicament. The other stock I own negligible shares of are equally as worthless as Sirius. My stock portfolio is an excellent reflection of how much I know about stocks and investing.

Am I scared about my financial predicament? Yes. Very. But I can’t curl into a ball, pull a blanket over my head and sob while trembling. That’s not going to make money appear. I also can’t turn to my former sugar daddy as he bailed me out last month by purchasing a print from me and he’s bailed me out numerous other times while not getting more than an electronically delivered thank you. I need to come up with the money I need on my own, and I need to come up with it by Wednesday.

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