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Dear diary, I am both excited and afraid at the same time. I am thinking about how my life is going to change. I feel like it’s going to change. I don’t know if it’s just one of those bi polar moments when my emotions are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I just have a feeling that my financial circumstances are going to change and I am excited but also afraid.

I guess what I’m fearing mostly is getting carried away and caught up the excitement of having money. I’ve been poor my entire life. I have never experienced financial freedom and I’m kind of afraid that once I start to make money I might lose my head a little bit and lose sight of the goals I have set for myself. Or else I’ll be so afraid of losing the money that I won’t want to touch it.

But I guess I’m jumping ahead of myself. It could be that this change I feel so strongly is going to happen in my life might never happen. So I don’t need to be looking up information about money and psychology already and trying to prepare myself for something that might never happen.

I did come across an interesting website about the psychology of money and how people’s expectations, beliefs and feelings impact on their financial behavior and determine whether they achieve financial success or financial failure. I like how  they say that  the source of people’s money issues is what money represents in their minds. I think part of me thinks of money as something I shouldn’t have, something that’s not good enough for me, so I’m panicking at the thought of having money, thinking I won’t be able to handle it. I’m already trying to sabotage myself.

But again, it’s not like I am actually making money yet; and once I start to make money, hopefully I will remember this moment when I recognized that it’s important for people who have never had much money to properly deal with the psychological aspects of switching from being poor to being financially secure. Otherwise money can end up destroying them.

In case you want to read that article about the psychology of money click the link below:

Psychology of money

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